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Note From The Author Anthony W Johns. I Have sacrificed my quality of life with my free controversial books so others may enjoy their lives. My greatest wish is that mental illness is eradicated within fifty years with psychology, brain implants, genetic engineering and that I have somehow contributed some psychology input to this.

Scientists now state that life on this planet

is conditioned: or programmed, by the environment?

Well: here is a bit of logic for you to analyze.

So, It's day one, the day you were born, and within a few minutes hundreds of babies would have been born all over the world. All of these babies are very similar, very similar brains all over the world. All of these brains will start on day one being programmed with their environmental programs in their different cultures.

The different cultures have evolved all over the world because they evolved in isolation from each other. It's only in the last few hundred years, and recently, with good global electronic communication that the many different cultures in the world now have the knowledge that many other cultures exist.

On day one, the day you were born you could have been split up from your family and transported by air-plane to a different family, traveling to any of the global cultures within a day, and you would start to be programmed with an awareness for this new family and with their culture.

You would learn the spoken language, the accent, the customs, you would learn to love brothers and sisters and friends, and you would have no knowledge that you were different unless you had a different colour skin, or different shape face, or you were a lot smaller or taller than the people in your new family.

You would learn the religion for that area, you would visit places in the local area, local and further afield, you would within a few years go to school and be absolutely a part of that culture. If your parents did not tell you that you were not their child, you would never know, you would cuddle and play with your new mum and dad and the family.

So, from the moment you are born you can be placed anywhere on this planet and be programmed with that environment, and this new environment would be your absolute environmental survival program.

Life on this planet is chemical machine, the brain is a chemical computer , as Richard Dawkins stated in his famous book, "The Selfish Gene", robots, to carry and pass on currently very fast adapting genes. We are just fast daily adapting computer: self healing, apart from terminal faults.

Note. Don't get confused, Dawkins meant we are robotic in passing on our genes, however, we are robotic in the many things that we do, driving, cycling, walking, use of a keyboard, use of a remote control, using a skateboard etc.

Inside your skull: it is just wall to wall brain cells. The human brain is an easily defectively programmed, easily corrupted, massive, very power efficient electro-chemical parallel address computer: complex in it's biological make up. But it is only a very simple adding and subtracting, (positive and negative realization), calculating machine: there being no mind, just conscious and sub conscious memory.

What is the point of life if we are just machine? The point of life is to enjoy life to the full, enjoy every minute of it, live it to the full: to work hard if you do not have a good reason not to work and to give and receive love. Work eight hours, rest and play eight hours, sleep eight hours, days of relaxation Saturday and Sunday.

From the moment you are born you crave survival data, you quickly install and program brain cells with the love programs of relatives, this is your search for eternal life. There is no definitive reason in science as to why we do not have eternal life, this site explores this scenario.

Mental illness.

Mental illness is like a virus, once it gets a foothold: it quickly spreads to all parts of the brain corrupting it. Mental illness is just brain software corruption, the cause is nearly always environmental negative event: or a series of accumulative negative events. More rare, and more difficult to treat: mental illness can be caused by genetic influence or a biological virus.

It is essential that the reader visits the www.thought-analysed.com web site below and reads and understands the frequently asked questions page, (FAQ Page), to understand the introduction to book one on this site.


If I could delete your brain program and install

my brain program in your brain you would be me.


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